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Fraternal Order of Police

Austin Lodge 49

12407 N. Mopac
Ste. 250 Box 386
Austin TX 78758

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Texas Legal Protection Plan

 Texas Legal Protection Plan (TLPP) is a statewide, nonprofit legal benefit plan that was founded by the State Bar of Texas and the Texas State Legislature in 1972 as an effort to better meet the legal needs of Texans.

 TLPP Members can choose from Non-Participating and Participating Panel Attorneys, who are the same licensed attorneys anyone may hire. Benefits range from simple advice to representation with estate planning, civil or criminal actions, consumer protection, juvenile matters, divorce, adoption and so much more.

 Austin Lodge #49 has partnered with the TLPP to offer these legal services to members and friends of the F.O.P.  The plan offers both individual and family rate plans and is very affordable.  Take a moment to look over the TLPP website and if you have further questions you can contact the TLPP direct or ask a member.  Austin Lodge #49's Sgt. at Arms, Dennis Rudder, has been a member for several years and can attest to the great service he has received from TLPP

Texas Legal Protection Plan is the oldest, largest and most comprehensive legal benefit program in the State

TLPP Application Form

 TLPP Membership Flyer--Fraternal Order of Police--Premium Membership


Welcome to the Fraternal Order of Police Austin Lodge

Austin Lodge 49 represents officers from 14 different Law Enforcement agencies based in and around Austin, Texas.  We encourage members of the community to join the organization and show support for Law Enforcement in this community.

Welcome to the Fraternal Order of Police, Lodge #49

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We here at Austin FOP Lodge 49, want to encourage everyone to go check out this site and sign the petition. the link is provided below....

   Join our mission to put hard-armor plates in every officer's vehicle, ready to go the moment they are needed. We owe our officers the protection they need to serve and protect us and to return home to their families safely each night. Plate Up, America!

 ****All Members are encouraged to register on the Website to get full access to Meeting Minutes, Training Opportunities, Officer Safety Posts, and Much more. You must be a Registered Lodge Member to receive full access to all areas of the site.****



The Warrior Song

This video was dedicated to all the Men and Women of the United States Armed Forces, Past, Present, and the Future...

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Texas Line of Duty Deaths 2014

Little Elm Police Department, Texas

Detective Jerry Walker
Little Elm Police Department, TX
EOW: Tuesday, January 17, 2017
Cause of Death: Gunfire